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Allison Dorsey, Ph.D., Professor of History at Swarthmore College, is the author of To Build Our Lives Together: Community Formation in Black Atlanta 1875-1906 (University of Georgia Press 2004).

Nabil Kashyap is the Digital Scholarship and Initiatives Librarian at McCabe Library.

Summer Research Assistants

John Gagnon ('17) plans to major in History and minor in Peace and Conflict Studies and is interested in the ways in which these fields can be combined.

Marìa Mejìa (‘15) has a concentration in History and Black Studies, and wrote her thesis on the welfare rights movement in the Bronx.

Ali Roseberry-Polier ('14) studied History and Gender & Sexuality Studies at Swarthmore and is currently working and organizing in the Philadelphia area.

Student Creative Projects

  • 1969 Mapping the Sit-In / Martin Froger-Silva
  • Blackliberation 1969: The Soundtrack / Olivia Ortiz
  • Black Student Enrollment Visualization / Laura Laderman

Students of Black Liberation 1969

  • Alis Anasal
  • Martin Froger-Silva
  • Patricia Gutierrez-Fregoso
  • Nora Kerrich
  • Anisa Knox
  • Laura Laderman
  • Xavier Lee
  • Davis Logan
  • Marìa Mejìa
  • Noah Morrison
  • Olivia Ortiz
  • Allison Shultes
  • Haydn Welch

Logo Design

Nyantee Asherman

Collections Page Design

Xavier Lee


Administrative Support

Maurice Eldridge, Nancy Nicely, and Martin Warner

Friends Historical Society

Christopher Densmore and Patricia O’Donnell

Academic Technology

Eric Behrens (’92), Michael Kappeler, and Doug Willen

Media Services

Michael Bednarz, David Neal, Michael Patterson, Jeremy Polk, and Ashley Turner

Special Thanks to the Alumni for Their Support

Joyce Frisby Baynes, Harold Buchanan, Jannette Domingo, William Dorsey, Clinton Etheridge, Michael Fields, Russell Frisby, Marilyn Holifield, Michael Hucles, Leandre Jackson, Aundrea White Kelley, Marilyn Allman Maye, Donald Mizell, Rosalind Plummer-Wood, Myra Rose, Ava Harris Stanley, Bridget Van Gronigen Warren, and James White.