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1969 Documenting Sit-In

Documents and articles relating to the January 1969 SASS occupation of the Admissions Office.

1969 Mapping the Sit-in

An interactive map following the steps of the Black students involved in the Occupation of Parrish Hall in January 1969.

Lynching DelCo Style.pdf

Black Community Struggles: Chester & Media

Documents on the political and racial dilemmas happening in the nearby communities of Media and Chester.

Black Liberation 1969: The Soundtrack

A jukebox of twenty-five songs Swarthmore alumni remembered in interviews or mentioned in archival documents.


Black Life at Swarthmore

An exhibit of the ordinary lives of Black students at Swarthmore, told through photographs.

Black Student Enrollment

A visualization of enrollment data provided by the Swarthmore Alumni Relations Office, consisting of the number of graduated and non-graduated alumni who associate with each class year.


Faculty & Alumni Interviews

An exhibit of the interview materials collected during this project, including audio and video files, transcripts, and photographs.


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Documents from the FBI investigation into Black student protest in 1969.

Life Magazine, _Requiem for Courtney Smith_ May 1969.pdf

Narratives of Black Student Protest at Swarthmore College

Histories of instances of Black student protest at the College, published in and collected from various media over the years.

Letter- Mary Gatens 15 March 1970.jpg

The Push for a Black Cultural Center

Documents relating to the acquisition of the Black Cultural Center located in Robinson House.

Black Philosophies of Liberation Suggested Syllabus.pdf

The Struggle for Black Studies

Documents related to the birth of the Black Studies program at Swarthmore.

Student Photographs

Photographs identifying many of the key alumni involved in the events related to the black student movement at Swarthmore 1968-1972.

_Letters to the Editor_ Open Letter_ by Clinton Etheridge and Don Mizell October_15_1968.jpg

Swarthmore & the Rockefeller Fund

Documents regarding Swarthmore's relationship to the Rockefeller Fund, a non-profit grant given to help increase Black enrollment.